Wishes And Willingness

Im not perfect, but I want to be perfect for someone. Im not super strong, but I want someone to feel safe in my arms. Im not everything, but I want to be someone's everything. Im not the most loveable person on the planet, I just want someone to like me. Im not a master of relationships, I just want to have 1. With a girl that I'll treat like a queen.I'll catch every tear and share every moment of happiness. When she's, I'll hold her, when she's nervous, I'll encourage her. When she's lonely, I'll embrace her and remind her that I'm here. When she's betrayed, I'll wrap her betrayers with vengeance. When she can't sleep, I'll keep her company. When she's upset, I'll comfort her, and when she's hurt, I'll take care of her. Because I know how its feels to be lonely and unloved in that way. But potential is useless unless given opportunity.
DGSteele DGSteele
26-30, M
2 Responses May 16, 2012

a relationship takes alot of work, hope you find someone that won't give up when it gets rough.

Thanks. I hope so too.

Wow dats wat I want from a relationship. Sad dat I'm always caught on the other side of the fence...I'm willing to give dat kinda love but cnt seem to get it in return

I just want to be loved back for once. All these things I'm willing to do are just ideas until someone comes into my life that lets me into their heart.