I Thought I Had This.....

I always thought I was in a healthy relationship and that yes we had fights and things but never really thought twice this was the person I should be with... We had a big fight a month ago that just escalated from bad to worse, its left us both not trusting one another alot of hurt words and alot of unforgiveable acts that were done (not cheating).... I know that I love her with all my heart but its the feeling that one month ago I would have died for her and today I feel like I am dying inside by being with her!! its gut wrenching and I wish it would change but I guess I just have to take time and work on our feelings, I think the biggest thing is the resentment and anger for her right now is the hardest to get over..... hoping that in a while my storry will become a distant memory.......
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2 Responses Sep 6, 2012

Whisper! Iactually think we might finally be one the right track!!! I think it took us to finally come to terms with what exactly is going on and start being honest with ourselves and what we want, rather then worrying about who looked more vounerable and who won that last argument !!! I loved your reply!! you are soooooo right!!!!!

The reason it hurts is because of the love you two share.. when those fights don't hurt anymore, that's when it's time to really worry. I hope you both are doin better now and healing. hugs*

That was wonderful!! I wish there was a love button!!!!