Hollywouldn't But I Would

In 1991 I attended an acting school with a very famous celebrity. Her eccentric style and ease of performing allowed me to push forward in my career as an actor. We would chain smoke and sit at the IHOP near Sunset Blvd and run lines back and forth. Her advice to me was to "always stay ahead of your abilities as a performer but never give into ego"
I have been working in the film and t.v. industry (as an actual working actor) for many years now, on the side focusing on my writing and whatnot. The thrill of playing 'make believe' is unlike any high one can experience. That is, if this business is right for you. It takes a thick skin and the reslience of a thousand coat of arms, but one can perservere and experience the craft. It allows you to be in different worlds, from an over inquisitive cult member in a sci-fi series, to a carefree baseball player, I couldn't have asked for a more rewarding experience. My advice is always available for those who propose the questions and the proverbial door is always open to those who need advice. In the meantime, stay ahead of the game, take some classes, study film (behind and in front of the camera), do not buy into the textbook 'wannabee' syndrome of over-confidence and entitlement, remain humble and learn what you can..it's not as glamorous and as easy as it appears..trust me. It's a different kind of a game in the film industry.
gagepetronzi gagepetronzi
31-35, M
Dec 12, 2012