Not Ordinary By Any Means

I've done some soul searching and I've come to the realization that I just can't be with just one person. For me monogamy just isn't an option. Maybe, that is why I've remained single for such a long time. I spent so much time trying to force myself into a lifestyle that isn't right for me. I've never thought that I would ever find a person who would accept me for who I am. just look at my experiences here and I see that it would be a lot for anyone to handle. I love myself and all my wierdness but I know that I have taken for too many different people to be with just one.

The issue that I've found is that MOST polygamous relations that I find are usually a heterosexual m/f couple that are 'seeking a third'. I'm just not interested in that nor am I interested. in all the hetero single men who say that they want to bee with me and then we can find another girl. Someone asked me why his idea for us was bad. I honestly couldn't figure it out for awhile now I know.

1) I'm attracted to women yes but not just to satisfy some guys lesbian/harem fantasy. I just don't want a mff relationship period actually. I'm not into heterosexual men. it like a turn off if a guy is straight/ vanilla.

2) Which leads me to the fact I want a mmf polyamourous relationship. Both men must be bi or pan/bisexual/ominisexual. To be honest I can have a non-sexual partner that is a gay man. I've thought that it would actually be great with a gay poly man and a bi guy maybe a tranny. I'm pretty sure it'll never happen but I'm open

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how important for you is your partners anal behavior ?