I Want To Be In Bed By Ten Every Night

Lately, I have been staying up till 12 am almost every night, for no reason at all. I'm aware that it's not beneficial to health. It leaves me tired and cranky as well as decreases productivity at work the other day. I've also read that sleeping late every night and lack of sleep, in general, could give one look older than their actual age. I do not know how I could motivate myself to sleep early. Any advice is appreciated. I try my best to force myself to sleep, but that's like once every 4 days. :(. I need some motivation, guys!!!
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good advice

@ AGeminisTwin-I have also tried listening to music and it helps me a lot. I haven't tried meditating but my mom tells me to do it when she knows that I am emotionally low.

Hey AGeminisTwin, thanks for the comment. Do you mean to say that even you face the same problem and your workout is the reason behind it?<br />
I think I have come closer to finding out the reason behind my problem. Stress and tiredness from work, PMS days (they make me extremely emotional, vulnerable to almost anything and I keep thinking about stuff for a long time. But it's temporary and once it's over I am back to normal :) )<br />
Also, it was due to an overall sadness in life and whatever is/was going on in it, my career, etc. , but with my faith in God, a change in my attitude and EP, things are getting better and I hope they stay that way and get even better. :) I am a believer in God and Karma. :)<br />
Did I mention that I have a particular time in the late evening when I get sleepy and if I sleep during that time, no one can wake me up unless I am done with it??lol :)<br />
I, sometimes, drink sugared milk or eat something sweet just before bed and that is also one of the reasons. I am trying to stop doing that.<br />
EP also keeps me from sleeping many-a-times. It's the best site ever, but I stay on for a long time. The culprit isn't EP, it's me--NO SELF-CONTROL!! :)<br />
Thanks once again. You are a true gem, Geminis! Lots of love and best wishes for you.

Xanex! No no, just kidding!<br />
<br />
I work out after work, even just walk around the block. Figure out what's keeping you from sleeping...stress, too much on your mind...when this happens to me, I meditate or listen to something soothing.