I'm in love with love.  I feel undernourished, deprived. So much to give, no one to give to,.  I am in unrequieted love with a beautiful, intelligent, Russian girl named Natalya. I'm a poor dumb stiff blue collar worker ..Where's my miracle?  I don't want emptiness, I don't want motion without emotion, I can take care of the motion  on my own!  I want to drowned in her eyes, I want to worship her with my body, I want to say things that make her cry in a good way.  I want to write her songs and poetry, I want to express to her without words, and say so much!!

mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!         ouch.

puck61 puck61
56-60, M
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Don't be so hard on yourself. It will happen and everything will work out great. Good Luck!!

Hey Puck,<br />
What's this I hear? "I'm a poor dumb stiff blue collar worker ...." huh? That's not the phrase that comes to mind when I think of you and I don't even have the pleasure of having met you in person. From the small amount of time I've known you, you've struck me as a funny (in an irreverent, witty way), thoughtful, perceptive, hip dude with a way with words. <br />
I know that depression and such takes its toll on the self-image, but seriously-this is not true to anyone but you. <br />
I think you should "get a new mirror" and approach this woman. I don't know of many romances that were started at "so what do you do for work, tell me about your 5 yeear plan." You have a lot to say and an eloquent way of saying it.<br />
Now stop saying mean stuff about yourself. ;x, ;P or I'll sic my mom on you.