Take It All Off (backyard Nudity)

I am 100%comfortable with nudity,I love being naked and how being naked makes me feel,(I feel pure,wholesome,and more conected to mother earth).  Although I live in a nice neighbor hood,there are way too many houses around for my preference(liking),so I really can't walk around in my backyard naked,although I'd love to. I do the next best thing and that is lounge around the house naked. My girlfriend however lives in the woods pretty much,there is nothing around her house,but trees. She can actually walk outside completely naked get the morning paper,do gardening(front yard,or back)get a suntan,etc no on can see her. I'd love to be able to do that in my neighborhood. 

I am also very blessed in that my closest friends absolutly love being nude and nudity,not just in their house(s),but their backyard too. All my friends live in quiet neighborhoods like mine(with fenced in yards so going naked in the backyard is a lot easier. One very special friend whom I am really close with she,her husband,their daughter,and rest of their family are nudists,they are always barefoot and completely100%nude yearround. I was invieted(as well as my girlfriend Rhonda) over for the weekend(Fri-Sun),not too long ago. When we arrived my friends daughter greeted us at the door, she invieted us in,asked us to please kick off our flip flops,then proceeded to leadus to the guest bedroom once there she asked us to make ourselves comfortable. My girlfriend and I then took off all our clothes and spent a very nice,wonderful,and relaxing nude weekend with friends. My girlfiend and I are totally comfortable with nudity and being nude.  We were invieted over for thanksgiving,so after we do the whole family thing(my family,my girlfriends family,we will go to my friends too.

 If you are comfortable with yourself and nudity then by alll means take off your clothes and enjoy the fredom of being naked(especially in your own backyard).

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13 Responses Nov 9, 2008

Lotsa walk around nudity in my yard, including yard work and mowing. Sure makes a difference in my level of enthusiasm for being outside.

Too bad there aren't more responses to this story. It seems to me to be such a natural thing. I was out yesterday doing some nude gardening. The back yard has fences and trees, but the neighbors can still see if they're in the right place, so I'm careful. I'm naked in the house, too, and love being able to walk outside without putting anything on.

all right; repairing the master bath in the natural and sunbath on the deck.

Latinlover...I too have walked around my neighborhood naked at night. At first I was nervous that someone might see me, but realized they were all in bed asleep. Its pretty exciting now, especially when it rains. What a rush! I thought I was the only one that did this! Especially in my neighborhood. One day when I was out doing some yard work, the neighbor lady across the street came over to say hi. She is about my age, but in very good shape for a woman approaching 50! She said she didn't know how to say it, so came right out and said she saw me walking naked one night when she couldn't sleep. I tried to apologize for offending her, but she stopped me and said she wasn't offended and had thought about doing it herself, but was scared. She is not married, but I am and would never betray my wife, but said if she wanted to I usually wait until about 1:00 am or so to make sure all the neighbors are asleep, and she was welcome to walk with me if it would make her less scared. She said she might one of these nights, but I never expected to see her. About 1:15am I walked out of my house naked for my walk. I got out to the sidewalk and heard a door open and thought oh krap now what do I do? To my surprise and amazement, there she stood in the moonlight naked and started walking over to where I was standing. She was beautiful, and I felt my **** get a little stiff...how embarrasing! She said, don't worry I have seen you with a hard-on before so its OK. We had a nice walk and visit in the moonlight, but I just couldn't keep my eyes off her large, firm breasts. Fortunately, nothing happened. But she said she would like to do it again. I said why yes that would be fine. We shall see if she is there tonight.

I've gone down the street and around my building at work naked at night, it's quite a rush when cars drive by. You don't really know if they see you or not. I also have gone walking naked around my neighborhood at night.

I am so glad to see others that enjoy the thing I have avoided doing. I think I will venture outside right now.............. nude

I love being naked in the outdoors, too. Like others here have observed, I have neighbors whom I do not wish to offend. I like the freedom of nudity buy have no desire to make others see me in my natural state. I'm planning a hot tub in my back yard, and I will have enough privacy that no one would accidentally see me - but I'm not so concerned for air-tight privacy that people couldn't see if they wanted. Hence it's up to them and I'm OK either way - Don't want to see the naked man next door? don't look! DO want to see the naked man next door? By all means feel free to look - I LIKE being observed by willing folks who don't mind. There are no children in the neighborhood, so I should be fine. Does this sound reasonable to others visiting this topic?

In Oregon it's ok to be outside naked as long as your not doing something of a sexual or lewd nature. I have a hot tub in a very secluded area of my backyard and never wear any clothes when I go in. Sometimes when I get out I mow the lawn and trim the hedge before I go in and get dressed. I think I was observed once a couple of years ago but nothing came from it. I've made sure I can't be seen easily as I don't want to shock anyone.<br />
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I just came in from doing yardwork naked - it's too hot for clothes today.

i walk in back yard all the time nude in the day light big deal...........

I have neighbors surrounding my house on both sides and in back. I wait until it is dark, and then wander around my backyard completely naked. It's a great feeling, especially since it's August, and very hot out. I get quite a rush not knowing if anyone can see me or not.

If you are caught walking around in the back yard nude you can be labeled a sex offender. Even in your own backyard. If a minor sees you nude in your backyard you can be charge with a crime against a minor and possibly spend time in prison. Our world has gone crazy. I understand how you feel and wish that there was more understanding in our society about our bodies.

If you are caught walking around in the back yard nude you can be labeled a sex offender. Even in your own backyard. If a minor sees you nude in your backyard you can be charge with a crime against a minor and possibly spend time in prison. Our world has gone crazy. I understand how you feel and wish that there was more understanding in our society about our bodies.

Yes - I live in an apartment block on the ground floor; so nakedness for me is to be "clothed in the flat" behind drawn curtains, which I still love doing. And when the time of year is right (May to October) and the crocodiles and jellyfish are away elsewhere, I go down to the nudist beach and swim, and walk along the beach for the 1.5 kilometres that nudity is allowed. Pity the local nudist club is for COUPLES / FAMILIES ONLY.