Ticket Holders Beware!!!!

After a 2 hour drive in rainy weather through NYC I arrived in Stamfort CT. to find a winding line OUTSIDE around the building.

What a crap hole dead town. I mean it looked like a ghost town. I did find ample affordable parking behind the studio ($5.). After waiting in the drizzle OUTSIDE!!! We were allowed to stand in the lobby for 1 hour. After awhile a little punk starts checking names and ID to his clipVERBOOKED 205%board....1/3 though the line he smiles and says sorry OVERBOOKED!! YOU CANT SEE THE SHOW!! WTF!! I wated to punch this punk snot nose kid in the face!

If you plan to go be in line at least 2hours before the show because the over book 200%+

Jerry you SUCK!

kcannava kcannava
56-60, M
Mar 16, 2010