Why And How I Had To Start Wearing Diapers And Plastic Pants.

As a young child I had an older brother and a older sister I also had a2year old baby sister who was still wearing diapers. I had a younger brother and a younger sister neither of who were still in diapers, but they did some times still wet the bed once in a while. My mother took a day time job were she had to work many days with long hours. She hired a young girl who had finishe high school that spring to babysit us younger kids. I think it was probablly her scound day at our house when found that my younger brother and sister had wet their beds. She put some of my baby sister's diapers which she had them wear around the house and to take out the trash. They were not aloud to wear anything but their diapers and a short top that would show off their diapers to every body. I was making fun of them wearing their diapers around the house. Our babysitter Ann Marie told me to stop teassing them but I just keep it up. As Ann Marie was doing the wash for my mother she found some of my underpants that she said had pee and poop stains in them. She said she even found a liitle poop in some of them. She also found some of my pants I had tried to keep anybody from seeing that I had peed. When she saw that I was still teassing them she called me into the living room and infront of evertbody she told me to remove my pants and under wear because she was going to put me in a diapers as well. When I wouldn't do it myself she had my older and bigger brothet help hold me down while she removed my cloths and put me in diapers too. After she had my younger bother, younger sister and me all in daipers she told my brother and sister that if they still had dry diapers when she checked them in two hours she would take their diapers off so they could put their regular underwear back on. She told me I would have to go for a lest three hours or more without having a wet and or meesy diapers before I got to put my regular under pants pants back. After two hours bothe my brothers and sisters diapers were still dry and clean. I didn't even make for two hours before my diaper was both wet and messy. When she changed my wet and messy diapers she told me that she didn't think I could go more than three hours but that because I couldn't even make to two hours I was going to be in diapers the rest of the day. She told my older brother and sister that because I must like using diapers better then using the toilet I would be in diapers the rest of the day and that they were to make sure I didn't try to us the bath room toilet. By the end of the day she changed my diapers twice more. After dinner she gave my baby sister and I a bath after she got my baby sister in her diaper for the night she said it was my turn next. She said that I was going to be sleeping in my baby sister's room because that where the diapers were and that we are both wearing diapers we could both sleep in the same room. She said she was going to turn on the baby monitor so she could here if I trid to get up during the night.

The next morniing when my mother came in the room I tried to tell her what happened but she told me to jsut lay there and as soon as she changed my baby sister's diapers she would check and change mine if they needed. When she came over to my bed I tried to get up and tell her what happend. She said Ann Marie had all ready told her it and that Ann Marie told her how she canged my wet and messy diapers several times. She said that Ann Marie said she had to change my diapers more then she had to change my baby sister's diapers. My mother said that since I lked using diapers so much I would be wearing them the rest of the week and may be longer. She told me she would be checking with Ann Marie evert day and if I was still wetting and messing in my diapers by the end of the week I would be wearing diapers until rest of the month. Ater she put my diapers on me I started to reach for my pants to put on over my diapers she took them a way from me and told me I was not to cover up the diapers that may be that would be a reminder as to why I was in diapers in the first place. Ann Marie told me and my brothers and sister that as long as I was wearing diapers I was not aloud to us the toilet and they were to go in with me any time I was in the bath room to make sure I didn't try to remove my diapers to us the toilet. By the end of the week when my mother checked with Ann Marie she told my mother that I never asked once to us the tollet and that she changing more diapers then she was with my baby sister. My mother told me what Ann Marie had said annd that I would be wearing diapers the rest of the summer. She said she had orderd 6 dozen diapers and 1 dozen plastic pants in my size. I had to wear diapers and plastc pants with most of the time just a short t-shirt making my diapers clearlly easy to see. It didn't make any difference where I went I was dressed like my baby sister with my diapers and a short top. Nobody seemed to care any that I was weraing diapers like my baby sister. We were at Wal-Mart one day and I heard a little girl ask her mother why I was wearind diapers, My mother told that I needed them for the same reason my baby sister did. My mother had a family BBQ at our house the next month. I was aloud to wear only my diapers with a short t-shirt. My mother said me I needed to get us to them seeing me in my diapers because I was going to be wearing them for a while and that it would be easier for me to get us to them seeing me in diapers because most of them she said had all ready been told any way. She told me it would be best for me to get us to it as soon as possible because it was going to happen if I liked it or not.

Ann Marie had been working wih my baby sister and she was fully potty trained by the end of that summer and now wearing little girl panties. My mother asked her if she had been able to work on my potty training. She told her no that she didn't think I wanted to be repotty traind very much. I tried to tell my mother that I was told when ever I asked to us the potty that was what my diapers were fore. She just said she didn't want to hear me, that Ann Marie was right I liked using diapers. Before the new school year was to start to my mother said there wasn't time to make sure I was potty traind so she called my school nurse to tell her that I would be wearing cloth diapers to school. She said she had ordered more cloth diapers and plastic pants so she could leave extra one with the nurse for my diaper changes at school. The week before my school was to start she took me shopping for school cloths that would fit over my diapers. I tried to tell her I didn't want to wear diapers to school she said it was not about what I wanted to wear but about what I needed to wear. The first day of school she took me to the nurse's office to drop off extra diapers for me. The nurse told my mother I was not the first child who's diapers she has had to change at school. She told me and my mother that she would have my teacher bring me to her office a few times each day to have my diapers checked and changed. It was hard fore me to get us to have her change my diapers sepically my messy diapers at first, but like my mother said would happen I did get us to it before the end of the school year. I did get teased a lot at first when some of the other kids found out I was in diapers. My teachers made them stop before to long. Some of them stiil did but most of them stoped. I made it first that year and Ann Marie was again our babysitter that next summer. My baby sister had been out of diapers for some time, but I still was wearing them all the time. My little sister got to wear regular cloths for liitle girl's her age but I still wore most just a t-shirt with my diapers in the summer. I was treated like a baby execpt for wearing diapers and plastic pants with nothing to cover them up. Still didn't care much for being dressed like that but when ever I complaind about it my mother would tell me as soon as you stop needing diapers you want have to be wearing diapers. She and Ann Marie said as long as I have to be wearing diapers it is much easier for them to change my diapers.

It has been over four years now since that day I was put back in diapers. I have not been out of diapers for one day. My little sister is glad that she has been out of diapers for some time now. She try to tease me some times because she is not wearing diapers and I am still wearing them. My mother tells her that if she doesn't stop she will be back wearing them, then my mother will look at me and say it is not so fuuny when she teases youis it. This year before school started my mother took me to a doctor to see why I was having so much trouble getting potty trained again. My mother took me to see the doctor wearing my diapers. When the nurse had my mother take my pants off she saw I was in diapers. I trid to cover my diaper up but she took my hands a way and said my mother all ready told her and the doctor about my diapers and I was not the first child she had seen in diapers not was not a baby. When she unpined my diaper she and the doctor both saw I had a wet as well as messy diaper. She removed my diaper and clean up my messy bottom so the doctor could check me out. I just wanted to get dressed and leave. The doctor said that she had execpted to see that I had a messy diaper and to just lay back so she could finish her exaim. She told my mother that I had long term damage to the nerves in my lower back that sent messages between my brian and bladder and bowels. My mother asked if putting me back in diapers might have caused the problems. My doctor said that while it might have caused my bladder and bowels to become weaker faster but most of my lack of control was do to the nerves. She said that it might have taken a little longer to happen I was slowely lossing control any way. She said that is why I was having problems wetting and messing my pants some times even before I was back in diapers full time. She said if any thing being back in diapers was probalely better because I was getting us to wearing and using diapers then if she waited. She told my mother that my wetting and messing happend earlier was just a sign of what is happing. She told my mother that she should keep me wearing diapers and not try to potty train me any more because it is not going to do much good. That it may cause more harm by trying to get me to do some thing I am not going to be able to do any way. That means no matter I would like to I am prbible never going to be able to stop wearing diapers again.

My mother wanted me to write this because her and my doctor said it will be able fore me to start accepting what I have no choice but to accept that I have to wear diapers and just get on with doing it. My mother was right having to wear diapers and not being able to hid it from people has mad it easier by seeing that nobody sees or care about what you wear. I have not had any problems with family or family friends knowing I have to wear diapers.

I am not as they say yet a happy camper about what has happend to me but seeing that I am not the only kid my age in diapers is helping and writing this message is all helping as my mother said it would be to just get it out there. There is no hidding it any more and as my doctor and mother said there is no reason too either every body has some thing that makes them different. Mine is having to wear diapers.
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you have a bunch of typos just for your information

How'd you damage your lower back nerves?

Wouldn't that be awesome applesauce

Glad you shared this. you are not alone. Im in my late twentys, and have just started to wet the bed again. And that means every night I change into diapers. And I'm starting to wet in the day time. I'm sure it wont be long till I will live in diapers. Glad to know I'm not alone

Your not! Same problems here!

Hey man i know (not from personal experience though) that going through some thing like that having to wear diapers again and having to wear them out in public my parents never did any thing like that (they threatened me with some thing that but never did) but a lot of time i really do wish that they did put me back into diapers.
but reading your story it looks like what your mom did for what at first it seemed as punishment for wetting and messing your pants turned out to help you in the long run and also in your story you said that you actually liked wearing diapers. hey i really do wish i could have even half of what you got but all i got to add to all of this is that i'm glade that you are able to embrace what are and that's shows that you have real confidence in your self. ^_^
and hey if you ever would like to talk my email is:
that or if its cool with you i'd like you to add me as a friend

I poop ti

that is sad to hear i wish i have what you have to i could be diapered 24/7

i like diapers and hide it from my parents. im am writing this as they walk by being verry carfull that they dont see this website.

mee too. I am a 12 years old boy and i wear diapers all day. (Except school). It's nice that you don't have to go to the toilet. Just use your goodnites. My parents don't know that I wear diapers.

Try not to stress over it I was put back in diapers from age 10-19 and almost 20 but not every doctor is right and I actually managed to get out of them, of corse there’s still the occasional accident but nothing to bad anymore.

Pretty sad. T_T now youve got me crying.

I remember wearing diapers as a boy, and then as a teen! I had an accident and at times I can't help myself! I wear today when I'm out working so there won't be any problems! My mom forced me, but, today, wearing doesn't bother me,I just look at diapers as a thicker brief!

Don't worry bout it I am13 and have diapers since instarted to re wet the bed since I was 10.

dear baby steven donot fell bad a bot wearing diapers i have to wear baby diapers size 6 24/7 i an just a big baby if you wood like to talk to me my email is

This is normal. I have uranasis and wear diapers a lot. I am turning13 in a few days now and have been dry for 2 weeks now. My mom hasn't bought me pull-ups in a while now. I might be growing out of it because most kids do and my parents had this issue too. I have come to like the pull-ups because they are comfortable and keep the mess in the diaper. You are not the only one who does this. Many people have this problem. We have many things I common except I do not wear diapers during the day. I only wear them at night when I need them. I stopped using a pacifier when I was 6 and a half. Everybody has to hang onto at least one thing from when they were babies, is this is very common so don't feel bad.

im somewht being forced to wear diapers by my mother - in - law n my fiance'/girlfriend. my gf n my own mother kno abt my bed wetting, n tht i like being forced to crossdress, well at my gfs moms house in the middle of nowhere, her mom has 9 kids 5 of them still in diapers, im 18 n still wetting the bed, well for my mom i dnt need diapers at her house, but ive recently been hving bad nights again.

i told my gf abt my recent bed wets, n we're planning for me to spend a month there n live we tlked abt it n she sugguested tht she wld buy me some goodnites.... well i gv them a try but i had leaked thru everytime....

so my gf decided to tlk to her mom abt my bed wetting. said tht it was heavy and starting to get worse, becuase this has been going on offn on for abt 2 mths. until now.... now its been a whole week every night n sometimes day wetting, well her mom got wind of it.

FYI her mom is very controlling n dominate. she loves kids n espieally babies because of how motherly she is. Well i woke up one morning to my gf tlk to her mom... it was abt my wetting.. saying tht a boy my age is pretty babyish to wet myself. n lately ive been refusing to put a gdnight on cuz there way too small for me..

her mom saw me walk in the living room. she askes" so trent hun..... come here me n (ur gf) cammi were just talking about you. my heart starts to race.... "i hear you have been having troubles at night n now during the day." i answer"yes i hv ... why do u ask?"

Then she moves closer to me with my gf on the other side of the living room. her mom says" well i hear u hvnt been wearing ur pull ups, n tht they hardly work because they wereleaking.... well i got just the thing for u. my cloth diapers. theyll hold n there very thick n just might teech you too wear them like u shld or potty trian u."" i knew she had many of them n many different sizes for all her kids. n she pulls out 3 extra thick cloth diapers. she commands me to undress, and i refuse asking my gf " why r u guys making me do this i don't wana be diapered." i said, my gf saids " well u wont stop wetting n u wont use th goodnights so i asked my mom for help, her mom then grabs me n pulls me down removing my pants n boxers, i struggle too much so now my gf n her strap me down so i cldnt escape. i started to cry. her mom now puts on the diapers with ease, then puts on me chain locking pastic panties. n locks them n hides the key which i never find. i start yeling to take them off then im gagged strapped around my head so i can only muffle sounds. "awww now thts my cute lil baby all diapered up! now you will be forced the whole time ur in my house to be diapered. n only she or my gf can change me. n now im stuck everyday in cloth diapers, with both my gf n her mom saying. tht if im going to act n wet n mess myself like a baby. im going to be treated like a baby, sorry but this is wht u need. untill u prove ur not a baby n dnt wet ur self any longer. long story short

It doesn't say if he was allowed clothing after seeing the doctor. I think his mother has a lot of apologizing to do. I think his mother has a lot of listening to do! FOUR YEAR PUNISHMENT? That babysitter... If I say anymore... I'm going to get impolite about his mom and that creepy babysitter. And what about his older siblings? Why wouldn't they clue his mom in about the baby sitters dishonesty and abuse? Everytime I read about stories like this I thank God he gave me the mom and dad he did. I was a bedwetter until I was 11. I had a lot of other problems also. I use to hold my breath (involuntarily) when I was frightened (yelled at or punished). My mom and dad to their credit only tried one time early on to put a diaper on me after I was potty trained and that was just for one day (one afternoon).

Kids endure a lot of abuse (and molestation) in silence because their parents tell them they don't want to hear them. There are times when it is appropriate to cut a child off when they are saying something but not nearly as often as it happens.

I wear diapers to btw I am 17 my mom makes me wear nothing but a diaper and a bra everyday. I get bullied like heck

how old are you now Steven and how old is your younger sister? Does she change your diapers at all or baby you?

Wish I had someone that understanding

A four year punishment and you call that understanding? A little more involvment from his mother earlier could have avoided a lot of embarasment.

Can you add me

of course i dont know anything about why u have problems but the thing i saw is something i had to learn too - its like if u just dont worry so much what pps think u can see most dont really car too much about u wearing diapers. its like they get all curious at first but then they dont care so much after that. its like if u weird out about it they think its bad or something too.

hhmmm ... >As a young child I had an older brother and a older sister I< ... <br />
<br />
usualy they stay older the hole lifetime ... ;-)

hey great experience can u add me

Sorry to hear about your troubles. I started to have the same problems when I was 22. To this day I wear diapers and plastic pants 24/7. Add Me In!!

Yes its a shame you have to wear diapers , but it doesn't make you a baby !<br />
unless you what to be a baby !<br />
Also will there be any other damage to you because of this ?<br />
Which would be a bigger shame as there are worse things that having to wear diapers .<br />
Anyway all the best for the future as you still have a life to lead :)