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since i was 12 when my mum got nappies one night i got out one of them and put it on it was a bit tight since it was a babys nappy but i could still poo and pee in it i loved having them on for the next few night i went outside and pooped in them then wiped my pooped coved *** then had a shower also for a few times i had the nappy on in the shower boy was it even better i cummed in my nappy before the nappy broke cos of all the poo and pee and water in it when it broke i picked it up and put my **** on it up goes my 7in ***** i cummed yet again i love nappies and will for along time now im 15 and stilll have that fun in them but now cos im older i poop alot more witch i love im not going to get out of them till im dead i just love to poop in them!!!
ilovepooinmynappy ilovepooinmynappy
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6 Responses May 25, 2012

I have worn diapers since I was 10 years old and love peeing and pooping in them. Do it everyday.

I like it when the poop turd s hard and long feels so good ******* out into my diaper love it

wow... cute

Yeah it's fun to do

good init?

i couldn't have said it better myself, i too love the feel of a nice warm wet poo filled nappy on me and **** till i go cross eyed.<br />
love it to bits.<br />
do you ever go diped dipping and smear your poo all over your willy then **** off?<br />
it's great fun and so so naughty.<br />
Have fun Dean.

yes i have done that