I Am Almost Completely Incontent

I have been wearing a nappy 24/7 they have been on for 3 months now and today I realized I am almost there I don't usually poop or pee during today but while I was having lunch with my mother (she changes me) she walked me to the bathroom (one stall one washroom) and she changed me on the baby changing table

I am really excited though my mom says if I keep wearing a diaper and pooping and peeing it she is going to give me a nursery and treat me like a baby I don't care though I think in a month or two I will be completely incontent wish me luck

16 and 1/2 btw!!
thischicknow thischicknow
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3 Responses Nov 28, 2012

Go girl !!! I'm still trying

Ever have girl diapers to spare...keep me in mind!

Hi this chicken now?
Good for you. I wish at your age I had the strength to declare or work towards being totally dependant on diapers 24/7. Really I was diapered at 7 but when my mother returned from hospital I stopped wetting my diapers in bed. I really wanted to continue needing and using my diaper when I got home from school until the next morning. Now 60 years later I am working on 24/7. My wife has accepted my night time diapering since I peed in our bed twice in one week. (I had taken Lunesta a sleeping aid - they tell you not to operate machinery nothing about the fact at 64 with diabetes and two degenerative disks that you might not make it to the bathroom when you had to go. I just sleeped through the warning and make the Yellow River. I figure in about another month after I go to the doctors for a check up, . May your dream comes true