So question.... I'm having some trouble wetting at night. Which is weird because I'm wetting during the day quite easy. Like I'm starting to not even notice it. Which is sweet! I just thought night time wetting would come first? Anyway just wanting to know if this is normal?
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Update. Last night I woke up having just finished peeing!! I'm so happy right now!! I figured out that I you drink about 1 quart of water before bed, that is like just the right amount of fluid in your body so you can still stay relaxed in your sleep and wet.

Be careful to not damage your kidneys, this can be really dangerous and can cause serious irreversible damage. Also consider the limitations this can put on your life ie - sleepovers, camping trips, holidays with friends, family or even just crashing out on a friends couch. Unless you seriously want everyone to know that you are incontinent. What I would say is definitely swerve the drinking loads of water and passing out as that is very dangerous. If you really, really want this and you're sure about it then you're better off just training your mind that it's ok to wet in bed by just repeating the process of relaxing and wetting whenever you feel the need. Also holding for long periods of time waiting to uncontrollably burst can not only cause SEVERE kidney damage but it will strengthen your bladder muscles also, therefore achieving the opposite of what you desire. Take if from someone with experience. Good luck

Good news!! Last night I woke up with the urge to go and before I knew it I was already wetting my diaper! It was almost like I wasn't in control!! Haha I'm so happy!!!

sound like you are on the way.

Ah, here I think you are running into a built-in mechanism of the body that will try not to wet when you are in a horizontal position. That explains your seeming paradox. You can overcome that by practicing a lot of intentional wetting in bed. The secret is in how you relax the muscles involved and how can become proficient at willing up that combination of feelings. This might take a while but it offers some real opportunities for enjoyment as you do it. You could also include brief naps when you can work on the horizontal wetting.

Dang! That's so the problem! It makes so much sense! Thank you. I'll start napping :)

Have you tried to drink a lot of water before bed, then try to stay up till you pass out

So your saying to get your body totally exhausted and drink tons of water and then pass out?

More or less yes

Hum thanks. Good tip

Hope it works for you. Just keep me posted. Thanks

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