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a lot of the time people act like i'm invisible,it's like i don't exist, at times it is annoying. but ususally it's awesome. i am usually left alone, but there are times i wish i was invisible, when everyone is looking at me. i feel like a freak when people actually notice me and they point stare and laugh. at times being completely invisible is the only thing that can help me.

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2 Responses Mar 6, 2009

No it does not, invisible does not help, I was there where you are right now, it does not work. You need to stand up and make your own space. You need to make people acknowledge you, it does not work like this, For how much time will you be invisible? You need to stand up and fight for your stuff. <br />
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Just my opinion as a guy who has been through it.

I'm lost for a comment.... I been there.. so have the 6 prevoius veiwers.. guess they have no advice to offer either.. <BR>Your story made me angry.. there should be an 'angry' button at the bottom.>:[<BR>****ers what the **** *** **** do they even **** *******, that's high-school though I guess. :/<BR>You will get through it, you keep on being proud to be you. I know you are really, you're not sayin it in this post, but I read enough already to know that really, you are strong and proud, and so you should be! Say it more in your stories and it helps, it creates a feedback effect :)