Help Others Find Affordable Ramps

So today I decided to go on a hunt for mobility products that could be used, given, donated, etc.. to hospitals, schools,  patients, and anything else that could benefit from having wheelchair accessibility. I thought it would be great to persuade some of the more well known companies on the market to try and have them help with providing ramps and lifts. After some searching I located a few companies such as,,, along with a few others. Of course many of the sites all offer the same selection so it was more or less a matter of narrowing things down to see what would be better. Right now I'm starting at the top and just doing research to see what is the best way of attack to make this all happen. I did find a couple things that helped give extra credit to certain companies for example I found plenty of discussions about discount ramps and it seems like they are often talked about.

So far I found this random news blurb about their track ramps from "Ramp News": They have track ramps galore I must say. Anyway though, I can definitely vouch for that story and I hope for as much talk they have about them that they can come through for some great charity work here.
Edward0 Edward0
22-25, M
Jan 11, 2008