Please Help Disabled Woman With A Dream

Hello.  How would you like to know that you had a part in making a disabled woman's dream come true? Well, you might get the chance to do just that.My name is Andrea  and I have Intractable Epilepsy, which is Epilepsy that does not respond to medication. I am trying to raise money to get her a seizure/ medical alert dog to help me live a more healthier and safer life. Please help if you can. Every little bit helps. Check out my fundraiser page. 
Or please check out my Face book Fan Page at 
It would be impossible for me to get a Seizure Alert Dog unless someone steps in to help me.
I was already approved for a Service Dog by Susquehanna Service Dogs. We just have to raise $5000.00 before I can get the dog. If you check on my Facebook Fan Page in the photos section I do have proof to support my cause-The form the doctor filled out so I could get a dog.
Every little bit helps. So I'm inviting you all to donate & if you can't afford to donate please tell your friends & family about this & show them my fundraising page.
Thank you and god bless.
cheerbear11 cheerbear11
46-50, F
Jan 15, 2012