Complicated Views Of Image And Self

like many i started liking Japan at a young age.

as i grew and outgrew my interest in anime, i learned japanese, lived in japan, and am now fluent for all intents and purposes. this puts me between cultures. i feel pressure from my american family to be more american but i've never abandoned my own culture or anything like that. i lived in japan for several years so i feel part of japanese culture too. americans who hear about other americans who want to be japanese often react very harshly. most people are very cynical and can't believe that any non-japanese could ever become a part of japanese culture. i think that's just a stereotype. or if you consider race it's like black people in the united states. is it ever possible for a minority to be truly accepted by every single person in the majority? i don't think so.

so if i move back to japan of course not everyone will accept me but i'm not out to please everyone. i just want to enjoy life to its fullest and i often think i would enjoy myself more in japan. it's rather annoying how people in my own country react so negatively to this. weird how so many people are naive even when they're adults.
pigmon3013 pigmon3013
Dec 4, 2012