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I Can Make This Happen For You.

I am a man in Florida looking for a girl to enslave completely.

I want a girl who will identify herself so I can capture her, enslave her, rape her and break her will. I will use every method at my disposal to turn you into the obedient little **** I want you to be.

You will have no rights and you will never be let go.

After you have been with me for a long time I may let you have some freedom back but only after I know that you will not try to run and that I can trust you.

You will be property not a girlfriend or a companion but a possession that I can use however I see fit.

If you are interested speak up!

bunnyhunterz bunnyhunterz 31-35, M 7 Responses Jul 10, 2012

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90% women have the fantasy of being raped.

I\'ve heard it\'s closer to 60%. Regardless there are enough of them out there. Statistics on this are all over the place. There is one common thread though. Women want to be raped or taken by the guy they are also into. So you get really different numbers depending on the way you ask. If you ask about being grabbed in a dark alley and raped by a man and never knowing who it is the number drops to around 30%.

I\'m really into the kind of rape that would start a relationship. I know that sounds odd but it is something I read about that intrigued me.

I have read it. :)

I think that once you experience it, you will want it again. (When you peak in your 30s, you\'ll probably want it all the time.

I\'d tell you when it was over that you belong to me and I am not going to apologize because I know you love it as much as I do.

you\'re def not my type of guy ))))

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I live in England. I wish you could come and take me back to florida

I would love to be ur property i live in alabama

I can't send you a message. Send me one if you want this.

this sounds very exciting :) I'm actually moving to Florida sometime around February.

Sounds cool. I can't see your pics though. Add me.

sounds interesting to me!

Well this does sound interesting..

What part of girl is so ******* hard for you ****** to understand?