One Grey Day!!

We drove, for quite a while, and were talking.. laughing, having some nice alone time.  The further we got out into the countryside, I started having thoughts, well lets say  fantasies.. Of walking out in the woods.. stopping to just kiss and hold each other tight...

It started to sprinkle... I love the rain.. the sound on the roof, the splashing as you walk through it..

We pulled off the side of the bend in the road, and got out of the car.  His hands didn't leave my body, either in my hand, on my hip, trailing across my back.. or grabbing the side of my face..

In front of the car, he pushed me against the hood of the car, kissing me as if this was our last kiss.  His tounge softly tasting my lips.  My tounge tasting his..  I needed him so bad..

Our kisses were so intense.... as he turnd me around, his hand slid up inside my half unbuttoned shirt, feeling me quiver under his touch.  His kiss, intense against my neck, trailing lightly down my neck to my shoulder... our bodies were grinding together, the need felt, the want noticed..  As I turned back around, everything in disaray, our clothing, our hair, our thoughts..  One last kiss on his waiting mouth.. the raindrops trailing down our hot bodies, failing to cool us off..  The rain coming harder, pounding on the hood... hearing the drops against the metal, barely noticeable with the sound of our moans.. His hands felt so soft, yet intensely rough  with need.. want.. 

We both looked up.. a car, heading our way... all I could do was bury my face in his shoulder, and let them pass....  The rain concealing our sweaty faces, our sweaty bodies... 

mmmmmmmmmm  nice memories...

SweetNSassy1 SweetNSassy1
36-40, F
Feb 24, 2009