Someone Grab Me and Kiss Me

my boyfriend isnt the most romantic guy in the world..but he tries...i wish he would just grab me in the rain and kiss me like hes never kissed me before..i just wanna kiss like how they do in the movies...i wanna be the girl getting kissed in the rain...i wanna be the girl that falls in love so deeply that the end the movie cuz its obvious that its gonna be a happy ending for the couple..i want my happy ending

ineedsexlikeair ineedsexlikeair
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6 Responses Aug 25, 2009

if he is around your age then he should not worry about being with one girl. You only gain experience by going out with all kinds and living. It sounds to me that you need a much older boy friend that has gone with other women and learned a few things. Samantha

you should watch a movie with him and sayy i wish we could do that haha.. Or be like when im in the shower i wana be kissed under the falling water hahaha.. idk =)

omg girl im in the same situation.. me and my boyfriend love each other very much but we need a moment like that! the bad thing about it is that you cant plan for something like that, you cant have a discussion about wanting more romantic moments, it just has to happen! I hope it happens for you :)

That is such a wonderful image. Thank you for sharing. Why not just grab him and kiss him in the rain? Tell him how you feel about him and make your own movie moment.

Ever since I read Lady Chatterly's Lover in college, I have wanted to make love with a woman in a field in the rain. It hasn't happened yet.

have u told him,or at least hinted to him...<br />
we guys dont read minds im afraid....<br />
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