Dreams Are All I Have

i'm sitting in my back yard around 4 in the afternoon, reading a book and i see my sexy neighbor with his shirt off, blonde hair, nice abs, about five feet nine inches, working in the back yard of his house. secretly i have a huge crush on him, but it might be love; not really sure. i continue to read, glancing over his way once in a while. and at one point our eyes meet for a split second (darn i didnt want that to happen).......then my eyes fell towards my book. in just a little bit he finished and as i thought he was going to head to the front, he started to come over to where i was. as this was occuring, it seemed like it was in slow motion and i was thinking "dont you dare mess this up.......speak, please speak and dont sound like a fool". he sat down next to me and we started making small talk, very easily. we talked about school, the weekend, and other numerous topics and it was almost six. he stood up and helping me up, gently holding both hands helped me up and as that happened i lost my balance and fell forward into my neighbor. i apologized, he didnt mind, i looked into his blue eyes. he put his hand under my chin and leaned in as we kissed. 


beep, beeep,beep 

i sat up and pushed the snooze button on my alarm clock. i layed back down on my bed and thought it was just a dream.      

MysticBrunette MysticBrunette
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 16, 2009

I truly hope your dreams come true!