I have a fear of being ignored and being forgotten. I need people to know im still here. Tbh i need to be known. I cant live my life knowing no one cares for me. I actually thought of suicide just to get peoples attention. I need to be seen, cared for. Idk but to tell the truth i kinda cryed while writing this. I just hate the fact when i see young kids be happy with their lives and everyone likes them weather their famous or idk. This may sound stupid but its true. I am depressed because no one really knows me. So tbh i wanna be famous when i grow up, ya ya what r the chances but its a chance ill take. Thanx for the people who cared enough to read it till the end.
SexyBeazt96 SexyBeazt96
16-17, M
1 Response Aug 27, 2014

I feel like a lot of people feel this way. I mean it may be more complicated than just I want to be known, but I feel the same way. Tbh I was really relieved when I saw that I wasn't the only one feeling this way. I feel like maybe you should just do something spontaneous and maybe get a couple people's attention. Suicide might get attention but it's not worth it. There are so many things. Join a club, be a star athlete be the first something, try something new, or even travel somewhere new. It's really fun for yourself and I assure you people will know your name. I'm sure People care about you but people can be really dumb and unable to see what is in front of them. Just know that if you ever feel the nothingness come talk to me.