Enjoying The Sahm Life...

I have been a stay at home mother/housewife for less than a year now after working as an elementary school teacher for twelve years. For years, I huddled in with my former coworkers, lending an ear to their many complaints of how hard it is to juggle home and work responsibilities. The biggest frustration they verbalized was the fact that they had so little help from their husbands. When our first child was born, my husband and I decided that being at home was the better route for me. What a different life I lead now! I find such comfort and happiness in my more traditional role. Just as I was dedicated to doing my best as a teacher, I do my very best as a wife and mother. I cook nice meals, help entertain guests, keep a spotless house, and do all I can to make our home warm and inviting. My husband supports me in every way. He is a successful attorney and takes pride in providing all we need financially. He hugs, kisses, and brags on me at every turn. My husband lets me know daily that we are equal partners. His dedication to me and our family fuels my ambition to do my best each day. I have taken on many aspects of the 1950's housewife and find no shame in that. When I think back to the many trials my coworkers complained of, I thank my lucky stars that I am leading this life I love.
bethycateyes bethycateyes
36-40, F
Sep 15, 2012