Future Lifestyle

I really love reading your stories, it gives me lots of insight into a possible lifestyle.
I am 21 years old who loves to have control, studying for a degree and with dreams to travel the world. Im a free spirit but my partner and future husband is completely opposite to me. I really love the fashion of the 50's and the lifestyle seems to be nice. Once i finish my studies I know Ill be jumping into this scene. I think I will struggle because I am a very messy, unorganised person. getting things done on time, cooking and cleaning will be hard and especially biting my toungue if my partner says anything negative towards my efforts.
But i will really try. me being 21 I really hope I am able to break my bad habits and become a good housewife.( right after i work for a year, fly away to another country, see the world, eat weird foods and party till dawn . *sigh*)

I may sound like I dont want to be a house wife but I do, i really really do. just not now, give me 5 years and ill be ready.
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Jan 18, 2013