Ahhh to Be That Content

Wearing pretty dresses and cleaning in high heeled shoes, with smiling children, a perfect home with a manicured lawn and garden.  To have only concerns about the home's cleanliness and what to make for dinner.  And to be HAPPY!!!
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infact Sir prefers me to complete certain chores completely naked when privacy allows its one of His hobbies to watch me

if i cleaned in high heels id be in a wheelchair by noon lol

Yup, the women who came before you screwed it up for everyone. All the women started going to work, flooding the employers with so many workers, that the employee became worth less, and worse yet, screwed up the children not having mom at home. It just got worse and worse, and will continue to get worse.

The above comment reflects my husband's views, but necessarily my own. He was signed in under me and forgot.

I think we are lucky that there are women like us who strive to dedicate their lives to their husbands, however i also believe we need the strong working women who have changed this world for the better to help and protect those who fall into the hands of men who take advantage and treat women badly, those that don't support and love their women like they should. there are countries in this world were women have little or no rights and its important that a submissive wife has the choice to be a submissive wife and not forced to live that way. The idea of balance is important within sociaty as a whole.

I agree completely zoelisa, thank you for this very intelligent posting.

To me the whole lifestyle speaks to a simplicity and safety. How many of us wouldn't want that?

My great-grandmother could do all of that decades before the 1950s, Sixtus64.

Thats interesting as women did not get the right to vote until 1920!

Until you tried to open a checking account, sign up for an American Express card, purchase a car or a piece of property in your name only and finding out you have to have your husband co-sign everything, even if you were independently of means.<br />
Better be sure he's happy with every aspect of your home life.


I'd be the housewife w/ the hidden handcuffs and toys... lol

Did this ever really exist? From the looks of it now-a-days, its a real stretch. Unfortunately.

I always loved the way the women dressed. Personally I thought it was very sexy. But you know what is on my mind.