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I was bought up in a family of career women and have grown up knowing that I was expected to finish school, go straight to university then spend the rest of my life making my career a priority and fitting all else around it. However one day when i was talking to a friend (who is about to become my husband :) ) i told him my biggest secret was that all i really wanted in life was to be a devoted wife and mother. I was completely shocked when he told me that it was admirable (the other 2 people i had told reacted quite the opposite, telling me that it was backward, stupid and lazy).

After a few years being together i he gave me the courage to tell my family how i felt...and that didn't go down well...again the stupid idea, just because i'm lazy, my fiance must be controlling me, what about all the things women before me had fought for, i was wasting my brains, came shooting out of their mouths...

I explained that women fought to give me the right to choose and this is the lifestyle i choose! i am also NOT wasting my brains or doing it simply because i am lazy. Being a housewife enables me to use my intelligence to help my husband advance his career, help in volunteer organizations and bring up healthy, happy and bright children! 

I am the happiest i have ever been in my life, i am no longer forcing myself to work towards the goals that will ultimately make me unhappy.  i have found a man who allows me to be my true self and does not exploit my decision by making me his slave, we are equal partners, we do equal work loads, and we are equally devoted to one another.

oh and my suggestion...If you want to make being a housewife work make sure you have a partner who shows their appreciation for the work you do at home as much as you show your appreciation for the work he does at the office! 

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Excellent story, and good on you for telling your family that your right to choose means you choose to stay home and be a loving, devoted wife and mother!<br />
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Feminists seem to forget that the right to choose means whatever you want, not just what THEY THINK you should do.

excellent point -- it's always about what someone believes you should do. best to select those someones who aren't not-nice. :)

Indeed. It's always best to do what YOU think is best for yourself, your relationship, and your family. The hell with the rest, including family if it must be that way.

i think the reality is that SOMEONE needs to be at home ...whether it's the man, the woman, someone else in the family. running a household is more than a full time job. your best point is the final one -- show appreciation, no matter which side of the workload you are. it's courteous and polite, and it makes each other happy. :) thank you for braving the ones who'd shackle you to what you don't want, and telling us about it!

Well said!<br />
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I've spent my entire adult life being a mother and wife.<br />
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It doesn't make me brain dead.<br />
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I have a high IQ, I simply chose not to chase qualifications or career.