I Miss Being Little So Much

I'd love to be little again but like the other guy said, under different circumstances. I'd like to have all the memories I have now and be able to change my life as I re-live it.
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3 Responses Feb 2, 2012

Yes that is true, while I am an Adult Baby and would love to be little again and just 1 year old. If it were possible I would totally chose to reset my life and have a new set of memories instead. Maybe even have the chance to be born with out Aspergers, Learning Difficulties and Epilepsy. Perhaps I may even have the opportunity to have a real mother instead of an adoptive mother, and a real farther instead of an abusive psychologist.

Boy / Girl I would give anything to be reborn again instead of growing up the way I did.

Yes. I have often thought that too, but many of the things I should like to change were not under my control in the first place and would probably not be again. I should really like to be a completely different person. There is no need to tell me that that is impossible.

Me Too, we often miss things that we can't have. Then mostly remember the Good parts.

Yes true