Oh to little be little again
No older than age four
And be able to wear diapers
As I have done before
When I am in public
And use them with pride
Using them fully 
To poop and pee inside
And have my mommy change me
On the changing there
Having mommy tape up
My diaper underwear
What a wonderful thing 
To be little once more
And use diapers completely
Like before I turned four
Today I will go to mommy
And ask her for my wish
Telling her that it diapers
That I truly miss
And I hope she says yes
With me plea she does agree
Because after all these years
I know diapers are for me
And if it be so
That diapers come my way
I'll also get baby bottles
And forever stay this way

Baby Jimmy 2013 

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Dec 5, 2013