Permanently Locked In Chastity

Recently I was ordered to buy a steel Chastity cage, this was a command from my Mistress. Now I am locked up permanently in this metal Chastity device, and Mistress says I will never be allowed to touch myself, or ever have an erection, or any sort of sexual pleasure.

As I am a Feminized Sissy, and also kept permanently in Diiapers, Mistress feels it is only right and proper that I surrender my sex and be permanently locked up in the steel Chastity cage.

It has taken a bit of getting used to, it did hurt at first when it was locked on, but now I am used to wearing it, [ not that I have a choice ] and it only hurts now if I try to get an erection inside the Chastity cage. So I do my best to not think about sex and try very hard to never get an erection or this thing really hurts.

As I am the property of Mistress Jade, I am her Feminized Sissy baby and her slave, I have accepted that I will be permanently locked into this steel Chastity cage for the rest of my life.

sissybabylaura sissybabylaura
56-60, M
4 Responses May 2, 2010

Every now and then, if I have been a Good Sissy Baby Slave, I get a reward, I am allowed to have an ******. Unfortunately, the Chastity device stays on, and I must have a butt plug inserted, and also I must suck on a rubber *****. Some vibrating clamps are attached to the Chastity device and as the vibrations increase I have my ******. It is all done so the *** is splashed onto a table and then I have to kneel down and lick it all up. No proper erection, and a rather humiliating ******, but better than nothing. I hope soon to make a video of this.

What steel chastity is that?

Its an extremely common cheap unbranded metal device from china

I'd like to lead a gang of militant sissies, who kidnap macho studs and force chastity upon them! Oh, their wails as they realise that their butch hetero days are over!

I long for that........