Not Sure *want To* Is Right, But....

Anyway, on our anniversary, my bf set me up with an account at Second Life, where you run around as an avatar exploring fantasies, and not too long into my second day there, my avatar wound up restrained in a pillory. And when I opened my birthday card three days later, I found out my present was going to be whatever my character had been up to in 2L. Not real sure how much I'm going to be enjoying this [overnighter] but oh well, went ahead and got the tennis skirt and high heels outfit I had on "there." And I think this is going to be as much his present as mine.
rhdkittin rhdkittin
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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

So how did it turn out? was it as bad as you imagined, or did you manage to have some fun with it afterall?