Locking Plastic Pants

Recently, She has started locking plastic pants (well more accurately locking plastic panties since two pair are blush pink) on over my male chastity belt. She had me fitted for my chastity belt several years ago, and has recently increased my time in it - now often 24/7 for several weeks at a time. She feels I, like all males, abuse myself way too much. Something that is impossible in the belt I have come to be sure of.

She dislikes the metallic feel of my chastity belt against her skin when we sleep, so her solution was to add locking plastic pants/panties from Fetware. Now sadly I am really double locked. I think I would enjoy the plastic pants more if it wasn't for my terrible belt, but She says "get use to it".
babyjaxx babyjaxx
1 Response Aug 14, 2012

I know she disliked her personal discomfort and desires to dominate with the chastity belt. Yet now rot can happen with any metal or leather version of a chastity system.
If she wants to really push boundaries she could always spank you and get a bigger version of a rubber coated spoon because of concern for your feelings. And before you know it potty training time will arrive.