IM So Not Loved Or Cherished

I do everything for this man and he went ballistic because I grilled the chicken, I didn't bake it.  Not to mention I am getting no action.  WTF is up with all of that, maybe this person will never love or cherish me.  I love and cherish him.  I think that it will never happen for me, maybe I am too difficult.  Even going up I don't think I was love or cherished by my parents or friends so maybe I feel like this is love.  IDK I am so confused.  Maybe I should just be selfish and love and cherish myself!!!! 


Sorry I am more of a "thought" person than a write a book about my experience type, I know allot of us have experiences to share so I keep my short and sweet, thanks for reading



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4 Responses Mar 20, 2009

My guy sounds the same! He gets mad at the stupidest littlest things! and its so irritating. Its all about how they're raised. Mine gets mad if I accidentally put a little salt in the food or if I turn on the outside lights so that people know we are living in the house and its not on get over it! These guys are insane and too serious. I'm married to someone who is probably the most uptight person I know. I'm outgoing and not afraid to meet people. I spark up a convo anywhere I go and I laugh and act goofy..he is a big time introvert, very shy and gets easily embarrised - he's afraid of trying new things and everything is black and white with this guy, no shades of grey. Ask me how we get along? I have nooooo idea but its very irritating! Communication is the key, talk to him and ask him whats going on in that head of his. Offer help if he has an issue. Or better yet, ask how you can make him happy. My guy needs to go to anger management because he has a short fuse! But the bottem line is everything happens for a reason and if he's freaking out, he's holding some issues inside so try to aknowledge it and see if you can figure him out. Good luck!

He doesn't deserve you ba<x>sed on what you're telling me. You are worth so much, and any man who does not appreciate what you do for him isn't worth your time. Go find someone else because its not you. This isn't love. You want to know love? Read 1 Corinthians 13. Seek God and find love in Him. He knows what you need. Talk to Him. He created you, so He'll know who to send your way.

Take care of yourself and if he doesnt appreciate you then you deserve better I am learning to do this after years of abuse.

damn not the chicken! At least you didn't treat him to the good stuff, Beef Tenderloin, oh that sucker is so good, you can't make a mistake on it. As for you, i agree you should take care of yourself first, find out what makes you happy and I get mad when someone can't compliment the chef, even if you didn't do it the right way. This isn't a restaurant, its your house, make it as you want. If he wants to bake it, make him do it. Sorry but that just bugs me, his so inconsiderate.