Who Doesn't?

love, i so necessary in our lifes, once i believe lonliness was a good partner in life... now i see i was wrong... wrong very wrong.

if you don't have love in your life your existance is meaningless, wanna know why?

think about this: is there a reason to live if nobody needs you?.

some might said: "you can be independient and live for yourself" come on, if nobody needs you or feel good for you, then your existance is meaningless, love is necessary and is everywere.

is something that made our lifes beatiful and yet might hurt us but that will make us strong to face a new love
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1 Response Jan 14, 2013

Oooh? Here is how I see it: everything is shifting, one moment you require purpose, bonding, love, another moment you crave for isolation, destruction. Life goes on, showing us all these different facets of existence, teaching us, expanding us, guiding us.

The reason for anything is whatever reason you give it at that time. Life is inspiring.

well, you seem to have an interesting point of view about life, yes life is inspiring but still i believe that a life alone is meaningless.

i now that i'll never desire isolation or destruction because i do find love necessary, some persons can be completly alone and be happy( i envy them)
and yes, probably because they already experience love but for those who haven't as soon as they find love they'll not let it go.