And I Want To Feel Like It

I'm in a relationship and I think I actually AM loved for who I am. But I can't accept it. I still think that no one CAN love me for who I am cause who I am sucks. So I always worry that my boyfriend's gonna leave me because of who I am. Because he may finally find it out or he may get sick up with it. I'd love to get that knowledge into my head...
Monstermosaik Monstermosaik
22-25, F
1 Response May 23, 2012

I hope some day this finds you, but you couldn't be more wrong. you have WAY too big of a heart to be anything but an amazing person. That you think so little of yourself reflects this as well. I've been THROUGH your profile. I know enough about you to know you've got the biggest heart of any profile on EP I've seen TO date.