Together, But Still Insecure

My boyfriends has always excelled in his endeavors. he is a very enthusiastic volleyball player and a dancer. He seem to admire ladies who excell in the same field that he is enjoying. We have been together for more than two years now but I have never felt that he was satisfied with the way that I am. He loves me. But i think it only is so if I make everything between us easy for him. His attention is easily caught by a lady dancer whom we both know very well. And even if he doesn't really tell it straight, i know he is missing his dance partner. then i could have been happy with him all these years, if only he could tell me too that he admires me, his girl, not because of his usual reasons of being attracted to a girl but because I am me in many unique ways. I wish he can know me and admire me more.  sometimes, it just happens that he only can spot my flaws and rarely my skills. I really wish we can do it better and he can love me more for me.

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18-21, F
1 Response Aug 15, 2007

aww sorry hun.... r u sure ur not reading into things too much hes with u for a reason im pretty sure he loves u if takes u for granted think abou how u r with him dont u just conect with some men and think what if or hes gorge but then think bout ur boyf.... try a comparison against u maybe it will help u understand?? xx