See Me!

This is why for the past few years i write, express, share myself on sites like this one.... Anonymously. I want to be loved from the inside out.... not the reverse.
I don't want you to say.... oh, you are so pretty or wow you got a nice shape....
I want you to see and love me .... know me by my words, feelings, emotions, likes, desires, experiences, my Spirit. I say what i mean and mean what i say!
If you can't find something that you like inside me.... Don't bother trying to know me any farther.
I am not a shallow or superficial person. Quite the opposite.
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7 Responses Aug 29, 2010

Followed your instructions to the letter and I am very happy with the results. May I add that while you are a very beautiful woman, I did fall in love with your spirit, heart, and soul before I ever saw the shell.
Of course it worked that way with you as well.

Mystikrage, .... Wow! Thank you! I do believe that is the nicest thing someone has said to me in a long time. <br />
<br />
Lol.... The only thing i thought i could teach anyone is... "what Not to do...Or..." lol... Yup, i have learned most, if not all my lessons, the ...very hard way. Being stubborn can be a bad thing. *smile* ....But once the light comes on, that mistake will not happen again.... I hope. :~)<br />
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Oh, my spiritual level...hmmm... I, my Soul is old! I might be able to go "Home" after a few more rounds as a human! *smile* Thanks again.<br />
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Oh... lol... can't spend as much time on here as i like. Work and all.... also, this computer IS on it's last leg, so i use it as little as i can too. soooooo Take care! It's hard to be all alone sometimes, need the interaction with folks like you ...*smile*

I'm honored JustLoveMe, coming from you. Not just here, do you know me but a couple of years reading the ups and downs of my life at SC. <br />
<br />
Talking about SC, been working through some papers, and i ran across a pile of notes/notebooks, quotes and readings i did there. Really brought back memories.<br />
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Take care of yourself!

you're welcome. <br />
If only we all could, every human being-not have an agenda-except for to love and honor eachother, and teach too, like you are doing with your experiences.

BrutMystik, *smile* Thank you. I alway thought if i were blind, would i have the same opinions, likes toward a person. So, i began seeing things, folks thru my heart/soul's eyes. It is quite an awakening, almost blinding at times.

Yeah for real people!!! <br />
That is a good point though, about removing prejudices (good or bad) based on looks or identity. great post, thanks for sharing.

Thank you, Madhatter.