How It Is To Be Unconditionally Loved :)

I know I can love unconditionally. Beyond materialistic world, beyond lust, beyond self. I just havent felt that love ever in my life. I dont know if it exists, I dont know if others are capable of giving it, I dont know if I will find it ever.

I am just seeking it. I know its beautiful like a bliss. Its like you dont care what goes around, all you see is the person you love. You care for them the way you care for yourself. You can never imagine anything happening to them cause you cant comprehend the feeling. You will smile as soon as you think about them. Everyday will be butterflies, growing old with them would be your only wish. Having their children would be the best gift ever. They would seem like the most beautiful people in the world and you would feel lucky to have them. Thats how it feels to be in love unconditionally. I hope you guys find it!
tornFlower tornFlower
26-30, F
Dec 16, 2012