Who Doesn't?

Yep, it may happen for me, one of these days. But I tend to love unconditionally. Not saying that I can be stepped all over on... I have my limits! But if the guy is decent, but have a few flaws, that's okay with me! :-D

I am loyal to the core! And no matter what problems come up, I can weather it and walk through it, with the guy. The only time it's quit-ville for me, is when I see or feel that my love is being taken advantage of. My unconditional love isn't exactly free... there is a price. I require unconditional love back. Maybe not the same percentage as I give out (I'm pretty over passionate and I don't expect all to be the same way as I am... or even have the stamina for it! XD), but at least 40%. That's not too much to ask for, I think. :-)

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3 Responses Feb 21, 2009

how cute feelings, i wish i were your love.

you are thinking in the right direction I think ... I agree ... I dont know when you will meet your love .. but it will be a very stable relation ... good luck :)

the world nees more people like u.luv in all diections from mushy