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Three years ago i walk out of my 10 year marriage....i felt and eventually convince myself to go out and never look back....i know it was a very bad thing to do...but i felt like i had to do it otherwise our marriage is bound to fall anyway....i knew that if i stay it will not be fair for him....coz what is the point of leaving together if i don't feel the love anymore??....i guest it would be easier if there is a third party involved but honestly there's none...and so i did.Now we are divorce...the last time i heard he now has a family....i felt relieved somehow coz atlease his happy now ...he finally had what he always wanted (children).....i guest it was meant to happen that way.....coz after 10 yrs of trying we never get to have our own...and i am truthfully happy for him.
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Perhaps it will also make you feel better about your idea you perhaps may have done a bad thing, if you look at it from a spiritual point of view. Seen in that way, marriage is a bond between two people truly committed to revealing the 'us' that can be found between two 'I's.' Spiritual teachers have pointed out that setting someone free if you find that the divine revealing of the 'us' can for whatever reason no longer be done by two partners, is a true and justified part of your spiritual path, and of theirs. I hope you can open up to a new and unexpected future. It is not always easy, as just about everyone has experienced, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.