Empty Heart

I'm 28 I've never been in love, I've never felt that passion for someone, hell I've hardly dated..... Most days I wonder what it would feel like to fall hard for someone or even if I would recognize that feeling if it ever decided to knock on my door.

Everyone that I love in my life are happily coupled and sometimes it's hard to be around them. To see them with there loves deep down wanting what they have! The ache in my heart when I actually spare time to listen to it that hollow ache, the pain of knowing your alone... that just maybe nobody will ever need you as much as you need them wanting to start a life with someone have a family the older I get the more those ideas seem like another language one I can't seem to learn...

So I sit here and as time goes on little by little I tell myself I don't want to be in a relationship, that I don't even like kids! Lucky for me my Brain believes those things even though my heart knows better!
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4 Responses Jul 14, 2010

i've known several ppl who met their partner later in life so don't feel too discouraged. at least you've missed all the heartache thats common with young love

@shopgirl1960- What the heck!! You're young and alive!! Enjoy life-go to the beach, learn to fly, go hikeing, travel- even if it is only in your own state, ...learn about the world around you!! You have an interest in some subject..so learn about it- study about it- you WILL find that there are others who have that same interest...and when you share your thoughts, feelings and such with others, you will be suprised just how many others will share those same thoughts!! THEN you will find someone who will take you to heart and then the love you have to share will come through to others and their love for you will also come through...this I know..I've seen it many times...

i feel exact like u all time theirs no love or no one for me oh god find and fill our hearts with love........

boy i sure know how you feel... although I am much older then you and have been married..."he left me" after 7 years . I have three daughters that are all grown up.. I decided to forcus on rasin them. Now I would really like to find someone to love and would love me the same and just grow old together..but like you I tell myself that I am happy with my life and free of all the drama that relationships can be. in my head I have learned not to feel i need someone but in my heart I so want that. I keep having people tell me he will find you when you are not looking...... like i believe in that!!! haha. it has been years now.. I don't know maybe I give off this makeup that i do not want anyone.. oh well time will tell us both.