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That Is the Thing

Holidays are such a odd thing on EP.  I guess everywhere in life really.

Some are ecstatic...happily in love

Some are sad and alone

Some are in relationships where they feel alone

Some are spending their first year alone after a death or break-up or deployment.

Some...just are here...

If I had one wish today...that wish would be.

Everyone could feel loved, cherished, honored. each of you...whether I know you, whether we are friends or have never met.

I send you love.....




Lexus Lexus 36-40, F 28 Responses Feb 14, 2008

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Thank you. Received and returned with hope of happy holidays for you.

Be patient and love will find you—even when things seem at their worst.

Yes, as sacredvision said, you truly are a sweetheart.

I totally get you there, Lexus...<br />
<br />
personally, i'm looking for it, but, so far, i have found nothing.... i guess i just have to keep on going and keep trying<br />
<br />
Thank You

u r so cute..xoxo

That is very wonderful of you!


I needed that. Thank you.

U are such a sweet person. Thanks. xoxo

Thank You Lexus<br />
Hugs to you as well!

very nice thing to say and mean and help us to realize just how connected we all really are. <br />

Thanks for this sweet post. I'm sending some love back your way.

...Tons of hugs & thoughts of <br />
love & lite to you as well...xoxox

:-)))) so sweet!thank you!

I hope things are still going well for you and haven't been around for ages!

That's awesome! Thank you and love you!

Thanks, same best wished to you.

Isn't it just wonderful, its beautiful that you've notice this on EP... Love you too. :)

you're a sweetheart.

Love you.<br />
Thank you!

Thanks sweetie! That was a very nice note to everyone and very observant. I get depressed because none of my friends are online. They all have lives I guess.

Right, HUGS Lexus!

We can change that one person at a time cemev...:)

That might be the case if everyone thought like you.

thats sweet

Cheers ...could use it right now...

{{Hugs Lostbird}}

Thank you