I want to be held, I want to hear its ok, that no matter what else happens you love me, that im fine the way i am.

I want you to hold me when it hurts so bad I can move. I want you to wipe away my tears as you let me cry.

I want you to sweep me off my feet, I want to stay up all night talking about music and guitars, foreign politics, how we will change the world.

when i hide away with a bottle, i want you to pull up a chair and drink with me.

i want you to think im gorgeous when i get dressed up for you, but stunning when my make ups smudged and my hairs a mess.

i want you to talk to me, to tell me whats going on in your life, and ill tell you about mine.

I want you to write songs about me, I want you to stay up late thinking about me, knowing that Im here thinking of you too.

I want to be able to lie with you with no expectation of sex. I want you to wrap your arms around me and hold me so tight that nothing in the world matters anymore.

i want you to fill my heart up with so much joy and happiness at being with you that there is no room for this pain.



The worst thing is, I had you. You rang me back when I hung up, you chased after me when I ran away, you held me as I screamed, you reminded me who you and everyone around me was when it would hurt so much I couldnt remember.

I had all of this. And I couldnt love you back.

Tesse Tesse
18-21, F
8 Responses Mar 31, 2008

How sad for you. When love comes again you will be able to see it and embrace it is my hope for you.

reminds me of my love and my fiance, and my everything =)

i have him....... not the guy who i wrote this story about....... nor any of the three or four that followed him....... but i have one now....... and its bliss =]

It reminds me of my last relationship...I want all those things too. Very very good story!

Very very powerful! Brought a tear to my eye. Do such people exist? I can only imagine.......

Your story brings a tear to my eyes. Its a story that reminds me of a woman I was with, thought we were getting on, but suddenly just dissapeared.<br />
Hope 2010 brings you happiness.

Very powerful , I love you story, I really do !

thank you =]