Falling An I Really Cant Be

ok so i have met this amazing YOUNG lady an i have a huge problem she is takin an by takin i mean merried hes a huge piece kinda want to go punch him in the face but i restrain, ummmm i think that i like her an by like her i mean like her alot an by that i mean more than willing to travel to see her an i have talked to two buddies i have left in my life an one thinks its a good idea an my other buddy thinks that i am silly. what do you do when you know that you are better for her than he is what do you do when you know u care more about her than he does. i find myself all cunjumbled in the brain an tongue tied i find myself always looking for her email i find myself doing all of this an idk what to do im writeing this an hopeing to get advice but also to vent i do not want to freak her out an i dont want to scare her away but she is so amazing an wonderful an even online i feel like i connect in a weird way with her an idk how to explain it cause its been just a small amount of time since we met. but it still doesnt change how i feel about her an i just dont know what to do she is a very good friend to me an she makes me smile more than any other person in my life but for my son he always gets me to smile even on a bad day but when he isnt around she is who i turn to idk what to do an i dont know what to do at all guys guys women i invite all comments good an bad untill then i sit an ponder an wonder an bounce my head off of things an yea anyway talk later folks
bradman5142 bradman5142
22-25, M
Mar 23, 2012