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In The Park With My Lady

I would very much like to take my lady into the park. Walking down the path through the park to a bench. We sit down holding her hand in mine. I then kneel down on one knee grasping her hands in mine. Looking up into her eyes and sing.
Love me tender
Love me true
Tell me that your mine
I will love you
Through all the years
Till the end of time

Love me tender
Love me true
All my dreams fulfill
Oh my darling
I love you
And I always will.

Tears like water falls are streaming down her cheeks as she pulls my head into her chest. She is saying I am yours, I love you my darling. Moving my head and sliding down on her knees as we are face to face. Pulling my head to her as we fall into a deep passionate kiss holding each other tight.

I want to do this for my lady when the time is right.
Adam59 Adam59 56-60, M 3 Responses Apr 16, 2012

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totally she would

You make me want to cry with tears of joy! If i had someone do that to me, i would die in his arms!

I'm sure he's out there, the trick is to find him and keep him

Adam u r a hopeless romantic u remind me of me I mean I could feel tears wellin up while readin

Why thank you. But I would to be a "hopeful" romantic. Do you think my lady will like it?