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Just For You My Dear

Just for you my dear a dream date. I pick you up at your home and you are dressed so lovely. You are wearing a very nice dress at about knee high. It is pink with some red roses on it. It is a flowing dress with a few pleats in it. It has short sleeves with a medium V-neck in front so not to show too much of your breasts. You are wear suntan colored hose with 4 inch black heels. Your hair is very stylish. You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

As we approach the car I open the door for you as you enter the passenger seat and you said thank you. We drive to the restaurant for dinner. Once again I open your door as you exit the car. You take my arm as we walk into the restaurant as we talk about what a nice evening we are having.

We are seated in a dinning room with lit taper candles. As we are seated the host lites our candles. We check over the menu and make our selections. As we wait for our dinner I gaze into your eyes. They are sparkling like diamonds full of joy and love. I reach across the table and take your hands in mine and say how truly beautiful you look. Your smile is so overcoming that it brightens our table. Just looking at you makes my heart race from the pure radiance coming from you.

We chat about various topics of interest. Our dinner has arrived and we begin to eat still talking about things. As we finish our dinner the candles have burned down about half way. The music fills the room as romantic music is being played. I rise from the table walking over to you and ask you if you would care to dance. With a smile you reply yes. I offer you my hand and you take it and rise from the table. Hand in hand we approach the dance floor. Once there I put my arms around you and you me as we begin to dance to some slow dancing music. You are so lovely and feel really good in my arms. Your head is on my shoulder as we move to the music. As the music ends you look at me with those beautiful eyes as we lightly kiss. We continue to dance to a few more songs. Lightly kissing between each song. We leave the restaurant and go to the park next to the restaurant where we walk arm in arm or hand in hand talking and laughing with each other. We would sit from time to time on the park benches with my arm around your shoulders as you lay your hand on my shoulder while we looked at the stars.

It is now time to return you home so we make our way to the car. Again the door is opened for you. We lightly kiss before you are seated in the car. Once we have arrived at your home you invited me in for more dancing. Once inside and the door closed we kiss more heavily than before. We dance to a few song before we are passionately kissing each other. The music has stopped but the kissing continues.

Then we....... Sorry but the rest of then evening is too private to share now. It's only between you and me.

Adam59 Adam59 56-60, M 9 Responses Jun 1, 2012

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What a lovely evening, I really enjoyed reading that.

Thank you

Sweet and lovely!

Thank you

Great story but I hate cliff hanger.

I really enjoyed this. I like romantic movies but i only like watching them alone. Not because i cry but i guess its because that feeling i just cant imagine sharing with someone. Its just more than really exists for me. But when i read something lile thos or watch a movie i forget reality for that time and wonder what it would be like for me. If someone said that to me or felt that way. And i dont get upset. I dont know what being loved feels like. I think ive loved women. I felt like i did. Im really nice to women but i just cant compete with anyone so i just dont bother with flirting or anything anymore. Gah! What am i doing? I keep ranting this morning.<br />
<br />
Sorry. I would like to read more too. :)

How lovely, it is an inspiration to us all. Makes me think of getting a pink dress with roses ...

Isn't it truth, ah a pink dress. When it see one I like it will be mine.

my dress and top came that match these shoes I am wearing in my icon. I will certainly get some pics in this weekend as I wear both around. Tonight it is ZUMBA time...

A girl is swept of her feet ,you are a great romantic ,and very nice indeed .

i love your story

A lovely romantic story with good detail.

Thank you.

How Romantic ** sigh **

Thank you