who wouldn't want to be loved?

Every person desires to be loved and to feel complete with that special person. But sometimes it's difficult to get that feeling especially if no one comes to you and tells you how they really feel about you. You sometimes think, "is there something wrong with me?" or "why do guys hesitate to tell me how they feel or to even like me?" Right now, I'm slowly realizing that it is probably because I'm too busy at work that I don't recognize these "guys" around me, or I'm just too picky as to whom I'll give my whole heart to. Most of the time, I feel like I'm not that pretty to pass their standards. Most guys now (good looking guys), if not taken or married, are queer. Come to think of it, love is not about the looks of the person, it is about what's inside. That is why I feel depressed most of the time because of this. I concentrate too much on not having a boyfriend, when I have more important things to think about. What's happening to me? Am I becoming that desperate to have a boyfriend?
 Don't I recognize that I have friends and family who could keep me out of this misery?
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Everyone deserves to have romantic love, desiring a partner is part of life....wanting to share your life with someone, its not desperation its a need try and accept it and then you might not feel so bad.....deb

Well family and friends are necessary, romantic love is another necessary fulfillment. So even though you should never forget about family and friends, you do need a boyfriend. I hope that you find him soon enough.

go for the best person ya wanna be with :)

your friends and family can help you stay out of the misery for only so long. One day you are going to want that different kind of love that someone is there for you only (then eventually for kids) It all takes time to find the right one but you will get there. You still have plenty of time. Just don't force yourself to settle for someone you are not sure about. Go through all the phases first and then dive in if you are sure. :)