Everyday when I look in the mirror, my opinion of myself differs. Sometimes I see myself as a typical young woman. My typical long, brown, straight hair. My typical olive skin and hazel eyes. And my typical body. Sometimes I see myself as ugly and fat. My fat body; huge thighs, wide hips, thick calves, and that muffin top. My ugly, acne covered face, fuzzy eyebrows, and huge nose. Other times.....those special, very few, moments when I see myself as beautiful. I see myself for more than those big legs and acne, I see something special. But media only takes a few short moments to take that away from me. With those impossibly skinny women, flawless skin....that's what we perceive as beautiful. But that's not beautiful, that's FAKE. you, whoever you are reading this, you are beautiful. And i mean it.
KatieA2Z KatieA2Z
18-21, F
Aug 11, 2012