How Does It Feel To Be Liked?

I don't feel like a human being. I'm lonely and getting lonelier by the day. I don't have friends really. I'm shy, but lately I'm finding that most girls.... No offense to anyone reading this.... Are caddy and superficial. They smile in each others faces and act like friend's, only to talk about u behind ur back. The friends I thought I had have proven to be no better. Now that they have bfs, they don't need my friendship. I just want genuine friends who care about me and important things in life... Not just about boys, fashion and gossip. Not only do I not Get along with girls, but forget about guys. Guys NEVER flirt with me. Never have in the past either. I get sick of going out because I see all the other girls getting flirted with or with their bfs and I'm alone in the corner wishing I would die. The girls that are air headed and shallow get all the guys attention. Apparently it's what they want, but I refuse to lower myself just to get attention from a guy. I don't want to be shallow. I like knowing what is important in life but apparently guys don't want the level headed girls. Just the bubbly, typical no substance girls. I'm so tired of feeling like a piece of furniture. Then again, furniture is at least acknowledged, and I'm not. I feel repulsive, and now I don't feel worthy of being around other people. I feel like a burden all around. A no body. Just... Repulsive
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I know how you feel. :( it does seem like that's all they want. They don't want a girl who will challenge them, they only want what's easy. But when they get what's easy, they don't want it anymore. I don't want to hate men, or blame them for my loneliness, but I do sometimes. I really do.

i do too sometimes but ultimately go back to blaming myself

It's not you. It's life. Life is unfair. But I have faith you'll find someone--if my best friend was still alive, I doubt I'd feel as terrible as I do. Sometimes, all you need is a good friend, and those exist. I know that to be a fact. You just haven't met someone on your level yet. I think if you get outside your comfort zone you'll meet all kinds of people. Literally--some good, some bad, some marvelous. :-)

I have try to be like the rest of the people and it dos not work i feel more lonely now than i used to.

:( I'm sorry to hear that

I haven't tried it but I know how u feel

Wow this is exactly like me! I don't have real life friends the ones I did have though didn't even talk to me. And guys...yeah right if they talked to me...they always look the other way like I repulse them or something. On the bright side though at least u know you're not alone.

Even though the circumstances are not great I'm glad to know that someone understands how I feel

hey, its the same case as mine..... im actually going through these phases of loneliness and anxiety, your problem is restricted to friends and life but mine even gets into my classrooms and with my teachers....oh life is hell sometimes

I Wish i could give you some advice,but i struggle with my own confidence issues,i feel your pain i truly hope things get better for you,I know what it feels to be sad and lonely,God Bless.

Thanks. Good luck to u too

The first step in any romance is physical attraction, it doesn't make people vain it makes them human... <br />
Maybe I'm wrong but you say you don't get any attention and you feel like crap because of it.. Then you go on to say to refuse to try... <br />
You sound very conflicted.

i don't refuse to try... i refuse to lower myself or pretend to be like all the other girls just to get attention. i want to be liked for the way i am. i like being down to earth, if thats what u can call it? its just that no one else seems to like it. males and females alike. and by down to earth i mean im not into make up and fashion and celebrity gossip, etc

Well I know plenty of guys that would want someone like that ( myself included )
Maybe you're hanging around the wrong places to meet the kind of guy you're after.

I wish I knew them! Lol. And maybe I do? Idk :-/ but I'd like to find them!