Being Loved

I know i am loved by my boyfriend the thing is he lives in the next town and it can be up to a half hour drive. He works long hours and is tiered when he gets off work. So some days he doesn't want to come and see me. I do understand and since i dont drive i cant go see him. But some days i feel as if he is making up excuses just so he doesn't have to come and see me. I feel like i am the only one who wants to see the other in this relationship. even though i know it isn't true but i still feel so depressed when he tells me he isn't coming to see me. So when i am depressed i get drunk off Smirnoff an till my whole body goes limp and i lay in bed and slowly drift to sleep wake up have coffee and by noon I'm thinking of drinking again even if nothing is wrong i just like the week feeling and not being able to move. I so want someone to get drunk with. LET"S START A Riot!!!!!
Emo18 Emo18
22-25, F
Sep 16, 2012