I Am Ready For Love

I've gotten so far in my life and accomplished so much, but I have yet to be in love or to be loved. I've been in relationships, none of which where good for me and I knowingly entered into them thinking because they were not what I wanted I could get what I needed from them. I then had the audacity to act surprised when they gave exactly what I gave.......nothing. I realize now because the people I dated and I chose to be in my life were only there because I thought I wasn't worthy of being loved by who I WANTED or DESERVED to be loved by. So I dated abusers and users expecting them to be a prince charming in disguise. Funny thing was I didn't even like the guys as people or even attracted to them but I thought this is what I can get only get or this is what I deserve. As I think about it now I was so delusional in my self worth and the capabilities of those guys. You can find a treasure in a garage sale but you should take people for who they are. Now that I've learned this, I've grown from it, made myself better because of it, now I am open and ready to give love, be loved, show love because I am worthy of love. Here for the one I WANT and DESERVE to be loved by to take me as I am.
TomboyChic TomboyChic
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4 Responses Nov 24, 2012

Never...EVER...sacrifice your principles or standards. Stay honest to yourself and you will find the right one. You gotta be good with your own soul before you can fall in love with someone else's.

Took me a long time to find somebody to fall in love with...mostly by design..certainly glad I did it the way I did and didn't settle. My wife = greatest of all time.

I am Also looking for real deep meaningfull love-companion-Lover-Best friend all in 1 great good hearted gal. 25ish plus in age. I do love women esp. very kind hearted women who are very faithfull in nature to me. Loyalty is very important to me.

I understand what you mean. Kindness and Loyalty are a must in my eyes as well.

I totaly agree. : )

Don't sell yourself short. Ever !