The Key

So many times I asked myself, what’s the catch? it worried me that I could not fathom the answer.

Since those first stumbling mails our friendship had blossomed, we can, and did discuss the most diverse of topics, never seemingly having enough of each other.
We would go for walks and spend afternoons in cosy little hostelries in the country, wrapped up in each other and the moment.

It was as I slipped her coat from her slim shoulders and placed it on the hook in the entrance to the little pub in the New Forest where we were spending the weekend, the question flashed up once again in my consciousness. What does this girl see in me?

We were soon ensconced at a quiet table and I got drinks, it never ceased to amaze me the huge enjoyment I get from absorbing every little detail of my girl.
From delicately hosed legs to expensive looking shoes even down to the precise way she lacquered her nails and applied her make up, she was a joy to behold.

On this day in particular she had excelled even her own magnificent efforts and I told her so, she was absolutely divine.

When we had chatted on the phone the previous night she had seemed a little nervous as to what to wear, this was to be the first time we had spent a whole day and night together. I had simply said no matter what she chose it would be lovely simply because she was wearing it.

I suppose in my minds eye I had thought she would have dressed similarly to before; she always seemed to be attuned to what would be right for any particular occasion and usually settled on very chic if slightly understated as the way to go. I loved her way of blending in, while in my eyes, standing out.

Today was different, I removed her coat and realised she was wearing such a pretty white blouse it was almost see through but not quite and was detailed with a large bow at the front and the daintiest of puff sleeves, she had combined this with a pair of extraordinarily tight beige trousers and very dark brown high heeled boots of the same shade as the belt which sat loosely upon her hips and the small handbag clasped in her immaculately manicured hand.

When she walked her heels tapped upon the stone floor, the gentle roll of her hips accentuating just how delicious the view from the rear was.

We had a lovely afternoon chatting interspersed with her occasional giggles. Occasionally I caught myself looking at my watch and noting how quickly time was passing and was sure she had noticed when I saw a little furrow form on her brow. She said to me “Please can you take our bags up to the room dear before it gets too dark?”

I replied that of course I would but didn’t want to leave her on her own; she however assured me she would be fine.

I took the bags up the two flights of stairs and along the narrow corridor to the Forest View suite and opened the door. The room was pleasant and clean dominated by a four poster bed and a large fireplace in which a fire had already been lit by a thoughtful host. The en suite contained a corner bath and a shower cubicle, all in all very nice accommodation for a Forest Inn.

I went to rejoin my girl, who had seemingly in my absence ordered another round of drinks. I asked her where they had come from she said the Landlord had brought them across and that they had had a friendly chat. I felt a surge of jealousy and guilt at having left her in a situation where she may have been uncomfortable and apologised. She giggled and leaned over to kiss my cheek, telling me I was silly and that it was thanks to me she had the confidence to tackle situations.

I am sure if it’s possible for a forty five year old to blush…I was blushing.

She asked me where the room was and told me she wanted a bath could I give her 20 minutes then follow her up. “Of course” I said and with that she had picked up her wine glass and was gone.

Rather than sit on my own I noticed a news paper on the bar so went and sat there idly flicking through pages of impossibly expensive country cottages and sundry farming paraphernalia. The elderly landlord approached me and said in a Dorset brogue “You’re a lucky fellow; I wish I had kept a girl like that when I had the chance, back in the day though it wasn’t possible and I had to let her go”. I felt sorry for the old bloke and told him so I wasn’t quite clear whether he was aware of just how special my special girl was but thanked him for his kind comments. He smiled benignly at me and turned to the back bar and removed a key from a hook, handing it to me he said simply “Be sure and enjoy yourself, put everything back and have a good weekend here in the Forest” with that he turned to attend to other customers just arriving from the other end of the bar.

I went upstairs and knocked gently on the door, silence…………

Oh no! I thought she hasn’t run off has she?

I opened the door and the smell of her perfume was hanging in the air far from having gone she had simply been in the en-suite, we walked into the room simultaneously I think I heard the door click behind me but all senses were now focussed upon the vision before me.

She smiled and said “What do you think”?

I was completely lost for words. She was wearing an all white ensemble almost as one would imagine a bride to wear on her big night but so much more.

She was encased in a beautiful tightly laced satin corset with eight lace edged suspenders attached to the most expensive looking seamed stockings. She had chosen to wear white court shoes and a full length very sheer negligee; her sex was covered by tight panties of a similar material.

She held out two delicate hands to me and I went to her, my hands cupping her alabaster shoulders and my eyes devouring every detail of her.

“You like”? She said “You are absolutely magnificent dear” was all I could manage.

She told me how she had waited for this for so long and that while I unfortunately was not her first, she wanted mine to be memorable for all the right reasons.

Her eyes were amplified in delicate metallic shades and were telling me that she needed me as much as I did her, we kissed.

We sat down on a sofa in the bay window and held each other, kissing and tenderly stroking, wanting the moment to last. As the sun dipped down below the tree tops I took her by the hand and led her to the bed, she sat delicately down while I removed what remained of my own clothing, picking up the large key which fell from my pocket and placing it on the bedside cabinet.

She reached to assist removing my shorts which could scarce contain my lust for her and I gasped gently as her cool hand took hold of me and looking up at me through mesmerising eyes she kissed me.

My shudder of desire was all she needed, she pulled me to her and started to lick and nibble upon my engorged manhood, she teased gently before allowing it to slip all the way between her lips. I was in heaven. It was difficult to stop myself thrusting but I wanted this to last forever.

I lost all track of time as I concentrated all my efforts upon keeping myself for her.

Eventually withdrew and knelt down with her showering her in tender little kisses upon her neck, breasts and even her fingertips. I looked at her straight in the eyes and said “I think it is time to make you woman dear” She smiled and simply arranged herself on the bed in the way only ladies can and said to me “Please be gentle with me”

I laid her on her side and moved her gown to allow me to marvel at the beauty of her. Her panties, taught across velvet cheeks, moved to one side to allow me to push gently at my reward. I entered her warmth and realised she had prepared for me as my full length thrust inexorably to its hilt. A little whimper from her and she says “Oh darling please, please…”

I find it hard to resist but build up pace gently, wanting the moment to last but utterly consumed by desire for her. The inevitable welling of months of lust for her makes its presence felt as an incredible tightness, deep within, gives way to a surge of animal instinct, I cannot now be gentle even if I want to be, I am on the crest of a wave of lust which will only too soon break and crash down upon her.

I can feel the first pulses of my ****** as can she and she tightens even more as the first wads of my desire enter her, time and again I thrust until completely spent and drained. Our breathing ragged as we slowly descend from the heights of our desire.
Then the stillness, the tender holding and kissing as firelight dances upon the canopy of the bed, in the flickering light I notice……The key.

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Dec 6, 2012